Making Money from Money

Making Money from Money according to Islam

Under Shariah Islamic law, making money from money, such as charging interest, is usury and therefore not permitted. Wealth should be generated only through legitimate trade and investment in assets. But investment in companies involved with alcohol, gambling, tobacco and pornography is strictly off limits.

Shariah Law and Islamic Finance

The overarching principle of Islamic finance is that all forms of interest are forbidden. The Islamic financial model works on the basis of risk sharing. The customer and the bank share the risk of any investment on agreed terms, and divide any profits between them.

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What is shari'ah?

Shari'ah is the comprehensive Muslim law derived from two sources: (1) the Quraan (2) the Sunnah or practices of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him). It covers every aspect of daily individual and collective living.

The purpose of Islaamic laws is to protect individual's basic human rights to include right to life, property, political and religious freedom and safeguarding the rights of women and minorities. The low crime rate in Muslim societies is due to the application of the Islaamic penal laws. These however can only be applied in a society which has established all other Islaamic laws to ensure justice and protection of each other's rights


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